Jimmer Fredette
"Signed the deal today so I'm finally an NBA basketball player now! Excited to be apart of the kings organization!"
How I See It: College sports megastar + Criticisms that he can't play at the pro level + Unique religious faith = Basketball's Tim Tebow?

Andy Roddick
"@timtebow haven't seen much of you in the news recently....... How's everything been going???"
How I See It: You're too funny #fairweatherfriends

Tim Tebow
"Praise the Lord! Couldn't be any prouder of my teammates for believing in each other 'till the very end. GB²"
How I See It: ... and God for knocking that ball out of Marion Barber III's hands. I really appreciate it.

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Elvis Dumervil
"Im out twitter world...have a bless night"
How I See It: Little Tebow rubbing off on the teammates.

John Elway
"I see evidence of the Mile High Magic coming back - A memorable performance by our team, including the best fans in the NFL!"
How I See It: Someone in the Broncos front office needs to sit Elway down and tell him to deal with Tebow magic or get of town. Mile High Magic was his era. It's Tebow Time now.

Chad Ochocinco
"Ocho was still a virgin at 17,I'm not suited to give advice RT @le_braun217: chad, I got my 17 year old girlfriend pregnant.. I'm scared"
How I See It: Don't ask Tebow for help either.

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