Ever since that first glorious day at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, N.Y., some three decades ago, the humble chicken wing has gone through more wardrobe changes than Lady Gaga.

Not content with hot sauce, the tailgate favorite has been dressed in teriyaki, lemon-pepper, sesame, honey mustard, Caribbean jerk, and Thai peanut sauce just to name a few. From that initial deep-fried batch, we now consume millions of pounds of wings every year. They are front and center every time we sit down to watch sports, from regional soccer to the Super Bowl.

And outside of the never-ending carousel of sauces, there hasn't been much innovation regarding the Buffalo wing since they went boneless.

That is, until now.

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Robert Bishop put on his culinary mad scientist cap recently and took the flavors of blue cheese and hot sauce and turned them into a milk shake. Bishop, who writes Lunch Blog KC, is a die-hard 30 Rock fan. On one episode of the hit NBC comedy, Tina Fey's character sees a sign in a fast food window proclaiming "The Buffalo Chicken Shake is back!" At a recent super-fan round table, Bishop was charged to create the savory concoction, which he does in the video below alongside Tracey Wigfield, one of the show's writers.

If you think Bishop's version is too out there, be glad he didn't follow his first instincts.

"I thought about pureeing the chicken into the shake, but I felt like that was taking things one step too far," he says. "Everything probably worked out all for the best, though. I don't think you should be able to drink meat through a straw."


But how does it really taste? Bishop likens it to wings, but with a very cold, creamy sauce. The same can't be said for everyone who has tried it though.

"One of my friends at the office was really excited to try the shake, but then he tasted it and instantaneously got a look on his face like he was deciding if he was going to punch me or not," Bishop says. "Seriously, he was so angry about the shake he didn't talk to me for like a week. I'm still not sure we're 100 percent cool."

Would you serve this at your Super Bowl party? Sound off and let us know what you think of the Buffalo chicken shake in the comments section.

(Special thanks to Monica S. for alerting us to this crazy creation.)

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