How excited are Angels fans to have Albert Pujols? It took the OC Sports Grill -- located about one mile from Angel Stadium of Anaheim -- less than a week to build a tribute burger for the former Cardinals slugger. The monstrosity is dubbed "The Machine," just like the player it honors and is the brainchild of the restaurant's management and chef Vince Carino.

"We all got together when we found out [Pujols] signed," Carino said. "We knew we had to come up with something cool because starting next season, we're going to be even busier than we've been, and we're always pretty busy."

The dish has plenty of gut-busting power. It includes 1/2 lb. of chimichurri seasoned angus, queso frito, pulled pork and cabbage tossed in "savon" sauce (adding plenty of Dominican flair), tomatoes, avocado and crispy onion straws. All told, it packs well over 2,000 calories, according to Carino. In case you're curious, that's at least four Big Mac's worth of calories.

"We split it between four of us, and I was full after I ate my portion," Carino laughed.

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At $13.99, the burger is hardly a bargain, but you could say the same about Pujols' contract. And if the slugger were so inclined to spend all $254 million of his deal on the burgers crafted in his honor, he could eat 18,142,857 of them. Though, he should probably steer clear of the caloric concoction if he wants to stay svelte through the 10th year of his contract.

Interestingly enough, Pujols' restaurant in St. Louis has a burger named after him, but it's simply a half-pound angus burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a brioche bun. It appears that even when it comes to burgers, Anaheim has a better offer than St. Louis.

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