LeBron's much-anticipated return to Cleveland started with a relative dud. But if you're underwhelmed, Brawley Chisholm is here to help.

Chisholm may not be known to the masses, but he's a legend in basketball circles. Chisholm earned a reputation as the courtside commentator for streetball games throughout New York City.

If there's a high-profile game going on, Chisholm is usually there riffing on everything to the court to the fans to the fashion -- and the faux pas.

For the Cavs' season-opener against the Knicks, Chisholm was invited by The New York Times to call the game. Highlights were edited down to a two-minute clip, which was then illustrated by the Times' Patrick Truby.

The end result is beautiful -- not to mention bursting with personality:

As The New York Times ramps up its video production, more high-quality pieces like this might become more prevalent. Here's hoping Chisholm makes a reappearance.

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