Casual romances and professional basketball teams now have something in common:

Taylor Swift burns through both of them quickly.

Not 24 hours after she was sitting courtside at the Knicks' season opener, Taylor Swift made an appearance on the Jumbotron in Cleveland for the Cavs' home opening game.

Swift allegedly was appearing in an advertisement before the game's opening tip, but she was caught wearing a Cavs T-shirt:

Her hair isn't that long anymore, so it's either a prop or an older photo. Also, Swift's new album, 1989, was released earlier this week (to strong reviews -- "Springsteenesque narratives of escape"), so she is clearly in promotional mode.

You could make the case that Swift was likely paid for the appearance, so it's more a business decision than a personal show of allegiance.

You could make that case, but you would be wrong. When Ben Affleck refuses to wear a Yankees hat for a major movie role, Swift isn't getting a pass on her two-timing Knicks betrayal.

You're either a devoted fan, or you're not. How do you like them apples?

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