Bulls big man Joakim Noah made the most of a second chance on his first pitch.

Throwing before the White Sox-A's game Thursday in Chicago, Noah uncorked a clunker that hit the ground several feet in front of home plate and skidded past the catcher.

But with a chance to redeem himself, Noah delivered a strike, then showed that he was quite proud of himself:

This was the second time in recent weeks that an MLB game has featured two first pitches. Bob Costas, who fired his first pitch way outside, also got a second crack at it in St. Louis. Noah's first offering was a lot weaker than Costas' so the NBA star had a case for wanting the do-over.

Although there have been some true disasters this season, notably with 50 Cent and Miss Texas, some celebrities take the first pitch seriously. Check out actress Jessica Alba taking numerous warmup pitches and showing off fine technique with her high leg kick:

Then again there's supermodel Chrissy Teigen whose accuracy was impaired from the pregame margaritas she downed.

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