So, what was behind the dreadfully awful first pitch 50 Cent delivered before a Mets game last week?

According to the man himself, it wasn't a publicity stunt for his new album (as some have suggested). No, it seems there may be a much more outlandish reason for the throw.

In a Reddit AMA, the rapper revealed the true reason for his struggles at Citi Field:

Yikes. As bizarre as it sounds, that fits in well with some of the weirder MLB injuries we've seen.

Is 50 Cent joking? Maybe. The man himself has spoken out against masturbation in the past, so either he's had a change of heart or he's just messing with everyone.

There's got to be something behind this atrocious delivery, and 50 Cent's excuse is certainly more interesting than "it slipped."

According to a Washington Post chart, 50 Cent's first pitch was one of the worst ever.

But that wouldn't prevent noted bad-pitch hitter Vladimir Guerrero from taking a cut.