Trick Shot Titus keeps outdoing himself.

The adorable toddler, whose first trick-shot video has 13 million views on YouTube, followed up his initial success with appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and "Fox and Friends." Not bad for a kid who has yet to start kindergarten.

In May Titus starred in another video. And not surprisingly, that one has topped 1 million YouTube views.

On Monday Titus' father, Joseph, released the youngster's third video, which features his first public attempt at a regulation 10-foot basket. In addition to the unbelievable buckets we've come to expect (including a shot from seven stories in the air), this one includes cameos by Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.

Good to see Titus is getting practice on what may be his future home court, Wichita State's Charles Koch Arena. Things are going pretty well for Titus' hometown team, and one season after Wichita State's Final Four run, the Shockers are off to an 8-0 start.

At this rate, by the time Titus is eligible for college basketball in 2028, Wichita State will already be a national powerhouse.

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