Three months and 11 million views after the release of his first trick shot video, 2-year-old and Internet sensation Titus is back with another compilation.

And his new video may be even more impressive than the original, which ended up being featured in commercial for Sprint.

The video includes celebrity cameos from Jimmy Kimmel (whom Titus beat in a shooting competition earlier this year) as well as Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. Hopefully this isn't some kind of recruiting violation.

If the cameos don't do it for you, the shots will. Titus sinks shots on all sorts of baskets, even tossing in a ball while blindfolded. And the grand finale is something you've got to see to believe:

Seriously, though, how does this kid do this? And will his game suffer when he has to attend school full time? At this rate, with the incredible success he's had, Titus could be washed up by kindergarten.

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