As a new business owner, it's always helpful when your partner has some business sense. It's even better if your partner has earned praise from the likes of Warren Buffet. Best of all is when you are married to LeBron James.

Savannah James, the longtime girlfriend and now wife of the four-time NBA MVP, is realizing her dream of starting a business this week with the grand opening of The Juice Spot. The store, which opened on Monday, will specialize in cold-pressed juices.

"I would listen to [LeBron] talk about his conversations with Warren Buffett or Jerry Jones," Savannah told ESPN's Darren Rovell. "But I wanted to get into business, too."

Rovell writes that cold-pressed juices are "a relatively recent phenomenon where fruits and vegetables are squeezed at high pressure to create a more dense product that some believe help preserve the ingredients better than putting them in a blender. Cold-pressed juices are known to have a much shorter shelf life than bottled smoothies and often cost double the price."

Experts that Rovell spoke to estimated that cold-pressed juices have become a $200 million industry.

LeBron on Monday served as an unofficial publicist for his wife, posting several photos for his 11 million Instagram followers of his various orders at The Juice Spot.

"Enjoying my breakfast at the Grand Opening of the @thejuicespot! Morning Glory Smoothie, Chef B's Acai Bowl and a Protein Bar #ItsALifeStyle #RollWithTheWinners Man I'm so proud of @mrs_savannahrj! #ProudHusband #YouGoGirl"

"Time to drink my 20/20(Carrot, Coconut H2O, Apple) before practice from the @thejuicespot spot. Grand Opening going on now. 1800 SW 1st Ave #104 Miami, FL 33129 #ItsALifeStyle #JuiceUp"

"Post practice juice. "Beet Down"(Beet, Apple, Ginger, Orange, Lemon). @thejuicespot #ItsALifeStyle #JuiceUp 1800 SW 1st Ave #104 Miami, FL 33129"

It's been an extremely busy week for Savannah, who was in Akron, Ohio, on Thursday hosting her husband's teammates for Thanksgiving.

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