LeBron James will be home for Thanksgiving. Sort of.

While James now lives and plays in Miami, the four-time MVP will be spending the holiday in his hometown of Akron after his Heat take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night. And because the Heat's next game is in Toronto after playing in Cleveland, the team's players and staff won't be able to return to Miami for the holiday. Instead, they'll be spending it at the James household.

James will be hosting his teammates along with Miami's staff and traveling personnel at his home in Akron on Thursday. The team altered its travel schedule to make the accommodation.

"We would have loved to have been here for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas being here in Miami," James told reporters. "We don't mind playing on those holidays. Wish we could have been here, but I am happy that I'm able to do something for the team for Thanksgiving."

James said he'll be serving his Thanksgiving favorites -- turkey, yams and macaroni and cheese -- and that his wife and his chef will split the cooking. James is looking to get all the small details right, like asking reserve forward Shane Battier about his preferred beer (Bud Light).

For the players who have to spend the holiday away from their family, having a welcoming host will be a nice way to relax.

"We're not at home with our families for Thanksgiving, but it couldn't work out any better that at least we could be in someone else's home," Dwyane Wade said. "And it's a very nice home that we're going to, so I'll make sure I'll put on the right clothes and the right socks, gotta-take-your-shoes-off-at-the-door type of house."

The 28-year-old James hinted that he's as good a host as he is a basketball player. If that's the case, the Heat are in for a special meal.

"I'm a great host," James said. "Everything that I do, it's just natural for me. The way I play the game of basketball, I’m the same way off the floor. I don’t mind giving guys what they want or what they deserve."