It's been said a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. It would seem that boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao takes this to heart.

Like most big-time pugilists, Pacquiao has a posse around him at all times, but his is a little different, as one member has four legs.

Pacman, the Jack Russell terrier, has been Manny's training partner and friend for the past four years. Since the canine version of Pacman came around, the boxing version hasn't lost. "He's part of my team," Pacquiao told the Wall Street Journal. "He's a special dog."

Pacman isn't just special, he's got a pretty impressive puppy ancestry. The dog was said to have been picked from a litter of puppies that were direct decedents of a rather famous Hollywood hound. Max, better known as Milo from 1994 film "The Mask," is the proud papa of Pacman.

It should be mentioned Pacman (the dog) was originally named Amboy by Pacquiao's personal chef, before he was renamed Leonard and finally his current name by the boxer himself.

In the early days, Pacquiao shared his bed with man's best friend, before he had an allergic reaction to Pacman's dog hair. By the way, the dog doesn't live in the Philippines, instead residing in Los Angeles were Manny trains for his fights. The pooch travels to Pacquiao's home country when he heads there to get ready. Furthermore, the dog is alongside when Pacquiao is in Las Vegas for his fights.

Believe it or not, Pacman has helped Manny train harder before previous fights, reports Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal. The dog is credited with inspiring Pacquiao by running ahead of him on the track. However those days have come to an end for the Jack Russell terrier. "He's getting old. He's become fat," Pacquiao explained.

Pacquiao's love for dogs started like most in his youth, but it took a shocking turn. Growing up in the Philippines, he adored his dog until his estranged father allegedly cooked Manny's dog and ate him. The boxing star wouldn't speak about this horrific story.

Timothy Bradley will be in the ring this weekend in Las Vegas against Pacquiao.

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