Think, for a moment, about your most impressive athletic accomplishment or your greatest feat of strength. It's a point of pride, right? Well, just imagine if you could pull of what Tendai Mtawarira pulls off every night, and then mix in an incredible moment like the one below.

You've heard of "The Hulk," but Mtawarira is nicknamed "The Beast" for unbelievable body power and strength. Born in Zimbabwe, but representing South Africa in International competitions, the nickname has stuck to the 25-year-old for a long time. And it's easy to see why. This happened in a match the other night in the Super Rugby league between the Sharks (Mtawarira's team) and the Stormers. For reference, the man he is lifting is 247-pound teammate Anton Bresler. Mtawarira weighs 256 pounds.

It's not even that he holds Bresler up. That alone, is not the most impressive part. It's that with momentum for each guy going in different directions, Mtawarira is able to control himself while holding up his massive teammate, and then get mauled by crowd.

The Sharks wound up beating the league-leading Stormers 25-20. It's good to have the Beast on your side.

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