Billy Donovan's Florida Home

Now in his second season of coaching the Oklahoma City Thunder, Billy Donovan is ready to sell his home in Florida.

His six-bedroom house in Gainesville has hit the market for $1.8 million, according to

Sometimes for the sake of privacy, listings will omit any reference to a home being owned by a celebrity. But in the case of Donovan, who led the Gators to the NCAA championship in 2006 and 2007, the description includes a tease: "Be the envy of Gainesville living in this custom home, with an integral part of University of Florida athletic history."

Street View Billy Donovan's House

The main residence measures 6,400 square feet, and it was built in 2002.

Memorabilia Billy Donovan's House

Check out the two crystal basketballs on display.

Kitchen Billy Donovan's House

Lots of elbow room at this breakfast island.

Game Room Billy Donovan's House

Nice flow of natural light, plus a lamp directly above the pool table. It's all covered.

Bathroom Billy Donovan's House

Even without the two chandeliers, this is one of the most impressive showers we've seen.

Kid's Bedroom Billy Donovan's House

Local elementary, middle and high schools are located within two miles.

Kid's Bedroom No. 2 Billy Donovan's House

Dad shares wall space with Muhammad Ali and The Rock, among others.

Patio Billy Donovan's House

Not just a grill, but loads of space to do the prep work.

Pool Billy Donovan's House

This area is covered, which is a good call to protect against mosquitos.

Fitness Room Billy Donovan's House

Bonus points for the pilates machine.