Wayne Gretzky's House

Wayne Gretzky has sold his mansion in Southern California for $5.85 million, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Gretzky, who was traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles in 1988, bought this property, located within the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, in 2009, according to the Times story.

That was the same year Gretzky resigned as coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. Since then, he stayed away from hockey in any official capacity until this season, when the Times reported he "agreed to be an ambassador for the NHL's centennial celebrations and went back to his Edmonton roots when he became partner and vice chairman of the Oilers Entertainment Group ... "

Aerial View Wayne Gretzky's House

Built in 2006, the house is located on a lot that measures nearly a full acre.

Italian Style Wayne Gretzky's House

The fountain in front of the house is part of the Tuscan theme.

Fine Art Wayne Gretzky's House

Unless it was negotiated as part of the sale, the Gretzky painting probably does not come with the house.

Living Room Wayne Gretzky's House

In the classic Southern California indoor-outdoor dynamic, the living room opens up to the pool area.

Bedroom Wayne Gretzky's House

The house has five bedrooms.

Pool Area Wayne Gretzky's House

Looks like the spa area is contained within the larger pool.

Patio Wayne Gretzky's House

Al Fresco dining, anyone?

Patio, Part II Wayne Gretzky's House

Grill, TV, fireplace ... antlers: Who could want anymore?

Bathroom Wayne Gretzky's House

Soak in the tub or sweat in the sauna? Your choice.

Aerial View -- Reverse Angle Wayne Gretzky's House

Behold the Santa Monica Mountains.

Gym Wayne Gretzky's House

Gotta stay in shape for those alumni games, eh?

Dusk Effect Wayne Gretzky's House

Wayne and wife Janet Jones had five kids, so it probably wasn't always so tranquil.

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