Alonzo Mourning And His Flip Phone

During the 2014 NBA playoffs, ABC televised a shot of Alonzo Mourning checking out his flip phone. Shortly afterward in a tweet that has since been deleted, Mourning's wife explained how much Alonzo likes the old-school device: "He has no desire to upgrade his phone. He even has extra phones just in case he needs the parts."

Nearly three years later, Mourning's devotion to the flip phone continues. (Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead too.)

Here's Mourning, a Miami Heat executive since 2009, at a game this week:

Alonzo Mourning And His Flip Phone

The sight of Mourning on the flip phone is even more jarring when someone nearby has a modern device:

Alonzo Mourning And His Flip Phone

Mourning is in good company. Among those who've stuck with flip phones in recent years: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and NBC's Bob Costas.


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