Andrew Luck

Like you, Andrew Luck gets excited when it's time to upgrade his phone.

Unlike you, the Colts quarterback does not spring for the latest model of smartphone. No, this guy keeps it old school -- real old school. He's making a big jump from a flip-phone to ... another flip-phone.

And look at how excited he is about it:

Earlier this month, Luck explained his flip-phone preference to USA Today.

"One, I like it. It's a comfort thing. I think anybody can appreciate that, if you're used to that," Luck says. "Two, I don't think I want to be connected 24/7, and this phone is maybe sort of a reminder that you don't have to be connected.

"And it's nice to get away. It's nice to turn your phone off. It has text. I can text and call. What else do you need?"

Luck also notes that he owns an iPad, so no, he hasn't disavowed technology or anything like that. He just likes the familiarity and utterly limited experience of using a flip-phone. To each his own.

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