Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan

Nostalgia is an amazing feeling. There's nothing like getting surprised by an old friend, especially the best teammate you ever had.

Just ask Michael Jordan.

At the Hornets-Heat playoff game, Scottie Pippen sneaks up on MJ, who cannot hold in his ecstasy. He seems to briefly forget that his team is on its way to a 106-73 blowout Game 7 loss to the Heat. Instead, the pair basked in the six championships they claimed together.

It's almost too cute. It really is. These guys dethroned the Bad Boys Pistons and they look like two kids in a Dave & Buster's on a Friday night.

Until the Warriors find a way to close their record-breaking season with a ring, the Jordan/Pippen '95-'96 Bulls will hold onto their status as the greatest team ever.

They don't look too worried about it.

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