Kanye West, Chuck The Condor

Chuck the California Condor is two weeks old. Let's just say, the new Clippers mascot has been met with mixed reviews. The bird looks fresh in a Clippers jersey and Converse All-Stars, but his helmet, elbow pads and shin guards are another story. He was unveiled during halftime of the Clippers' Feb. 29 home game.

Chuck's latest critic is a powerful voice on social media: Kanye West.

This tweet came during the Cavaliers' 114-90 win over the Clippers. Chuck had a few short minutes to digest West's message and confer with his social media team, who one can assume briefed him on West's beatdown of Wiz Khalifa.

Chuck then formulated his response:


This is a reference to West's "I Love Kanye," which starts with the line, "I miss the old Kanye," referring to West's youthful, less edgy mid-2000s self.

Based on his fashion reputation, though, there's no guarantee Chuck's redesign would be regarded as an upgrade.

UPDATE (Monday, 12:24 p.m. ET)

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer followed up on West's proposal and the two have agreed to meet.

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