Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson set another 3-point record on Monday night. They can share this one. Kind of.

Thanks to Thompson's playoff single-game record 11 3-pointers in the Warriors' Game 6 win, Thompson set an NBA record in Game 7 for most 3-pointers in a playoff series. His 29th 3-pointer of the series eclipsed the previous record set by Ray Allen, Dennis Scott and Thompson in the Western Conference Semifinals. Thompson made 3-pointer No. 30 in the fourth quarter.

But the Splash Brothers always keep these things interesting. Curry was also in striking distance of the record. Curry and Thompson were tied at one point in the third quarter with 29 3-pointers. But a strong finish by Curry, including a 3-point dagger with 26 seconds left, allowed Curry to set the all-time record for 3-pointers in one NBA Playoff series with 32.

Here's how the all-time list looks:

1. Stephen Curry, 32 (2016 WCF, Warriors vs. Thunder)
2. Klay Thompson, 30 (2016 WCF, Warriors vs. Thunder)
3. Klay Thompson, 28 (2016 WCSF, Warriors vs. Blazers)
4. Ray Allen, 28 (2001 ECF, Bucks vs. 76ers)
5. Dennis Scott, 28 (1995 ECF, Magic vs. Pacers)

At 28 and 26 years old, respectfully, both have years of their prime to keep upping this record. Curry and Thompson finished one-two in three-pointers this season, with Curry making 402 and Thompson 276.

They also dominate the list of all-time greatest 3-point shooting seasons of all-time.

1. Stephen Curry, 402 (2015-16)
2. Stephen Curry, 286 (2014-15)
3. Klay Thompson, 276 (2015-16)
4. Stephen Curry, 272 (2012-13)

Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry

As for playoff records, Thompson has a chance to break a Curry record that Curry has virtually no chance of defending. Check out the list of most 3-pointers in one postseason:

1. Stephen Curry, 98 (2015)
2. Klay Thompson, 77 (2016)

Thompson is a mere 21 triples away from tying Curry's record from last year's playoffs. If the series runs long against the Cavs, Thompson's average of 4.5 3-pointers a game in the postseason should be enough to eclipse that mark.

After missing six of the Warriors' 17 playoff games this postseason, Curry only has 48 threes in the playoffs.

Doesn't matter, though:

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