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NBA All-Star Weekend is full of surprises, some on the court and many off the court. Naturally, this creates many opportunities for prop bets.

Quick notes:

1. These prop bets cover All-Star Saturday Night and the All-Star Game.
2. Bets call for a yes/no answer, an over/under answer or a multiple-choice answer.
3. There are no odds. Everything is meant to be roughly even.

Skills Competition

-- Isaiah Thomas dunks.

-- Anthony Davis needs 2.5 shots to make his three-pointer.

-- Cameras show Chanel Iman after Jordan Clarkson's first run.

-- C.J. McCollum calls out the NBA for leaving Damian Lillard (two-time Skills Competition champion) out of the All-Star Game during a TV interview.

-- Draymond Green laughs during one of his runs.

-- Karl-Anthony Towns needs 2.5 bounce passes.

-- DeMarcus Cousins smiles when finishes his first run.

-- Announcers talk about Emmanuel Mudiay's one-year in China and Larry Brown in the 10 seconds before he starts his first run.

-- The final round winner beats 30 seconds.

-- Announcers says "Steve Nash" 3.5 times.

-- TNT mentions 0.5 times that the Shooting Stars Competition was terminated after 12 years.

-- You get bored, change the channel and decide you will only come back to TNT for the Slam Dunk Contest.

James Harden Klay Thompson

Three-Point Contest

-- Stephen Curry wins.

-- If in attendance, Riley Curry is shown 5.5 times.

-- Announcers reference Drake's "I been Steph Curry with the shot," line in "0 to 100/The Catch Up."

-- Announcers mention Klay Thompson's NBA-record 37 points in one quarter, as it is the one thing he has on Curry (let's be honest, Steph is going to beat that at some point).

-- Chris Bosh videobombs 1.5 fellow competitors during on-court interviews.

-- James Harden goes out of his way for a blatant marketing plug for Adidas.

-- Referenced more: J.J. Redick's Duke career or his tattoos.

-- 1.5 TNT on-air personalities pick Devin Booker to win and call him, "the guy no one's talking about."

-- Kyle Lowry lets Drake take 0.5 of this shots.

-- Announcers weave Jason Kidd's shooting into Khris Middleton's performance.

-- Winner records final round score of 23.5

-- Winner is a height of 6-5 1/2 (Lowry, Curry, Redick and Harden are listed 6-5 or shorter, Booker, Thompson, Middleton and Bosh are 6-6 or taller).

-- Reggie Miller expresses disappointment in never winning the contest 1.5 times.

-- Larry Bird's name is used 8.5 times.

Slam Dunk Contest

-- Zach LaVine wins.

-- 2015 Zach LaVine Slam Dunk Contest highlights are shown 4.5 times.

-- Zach LaVine uses Andrew Wiggins OR Karl-Anthony Towns OR both.

-- Aaron Gordon is compared to Blake Griffin 2.5 times.

-- Announcers says Will Barton should win Sixth Man of the Year 1.5 times.

-- Andre Drummond's free-throw shooting woes are mentioned 4.5 times.

-- Andre Drummond mocks his free-throw shooting with a dunk that uses the free throw line as a prop.

-- Food is used as a prop.

-- A form of transportation is used as a prop.

-- There will be more Vince Carter dunking highlights than Kobe Bryant highlights.

-- Kobe Bryant expresses some form of approval at 0.5 dunks.

-- 0.5 dunks will relate to Vince Carter.

-- 0.5 dunks will relate to Kobe Bryant.

-- The five judges combine for 10.5 NBA titles (Bill Russell is really the kicker here).

-- 0.5 times announcers mention Larry Nance, Jr. should be in this year's Slam Dunk Contest.

-- Nate Robinson is in attendance.

-- Charles Barkley says he could have won the Slam Dunk Contest.

-- Shaq and Charles Barkley have 1.5 rants that would make CBS/NBC/Fox/ABC cringe.

-- 1.5 Windmills.

-- 0.5 players hit their head on the rim.

-- 1.5 perfect 50s are recorded.

Zach LaVine

All-Star Game

-- Drake's shirt color: Red, black, white, gray or other.

-- Drake will wear some sort of Raptors paraphernalia.

-- Drake will sit next to his mom, Kevin Hart, Norm Kelly, Lil Wayne, Dwane Casey, Spike Lee or other.

-- Drake's shoes will be OVO brand, Jordan brand, OVO Jordans or other.

-- Drake takes 0.5 shots during the game.

-- Drake gets 20.5 high fives from players during the game.

-- TNT plays 6.5 Drake songs going into commercial.

-- Drake appears as part of Sting's halftime show.

-- 1.5 new Drake singles are released on Sunday.

-- Drake makes 0.5 references to "The 6" while on camera during the game.

-- 2.5 TV interviews with Drake (on TNT, American television).

-- Drake will have facial hair.

-- Kanye West and 2.5 Kardashian/Jenners are in attendance.

-- Jay-Z and Beyonce are in attendance.

-- Russell Westbrook tries harder than anyone else during the game.

-- If Riley Curry is in attendance, she has 0.5 on-camera interviews.

-- Dell Curry is interviewed during the game.

-- 24.5 shots attempted by Kobe Bryant

-- 10.5 three-pointers attempted by Stephen Curry

-- 2.5 mentions to Damian Lillard being far and away the best player left off the All-Star Game roster.

-- 1.5 random Kristaps Porzingis references.

-- 20.5 rebounds for Andre Drummond.

-- Draymond Green records a triple-double.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

-- Stephen Curry gets a louder ovation during pregame introductions than Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.

-- LeBron James gets booed at some point before, during or after the game.

-- Tyronn Lue is disrespected by 1.5 players.

-- Gregg Popovich's first in-game interview lasts 10.5 seconds.

-- The Paul George injury replay is showed.

-- Kevin Durant's future destination is mentioned.

-- Adam Silver is praised during the game.

-- Michael Jordan is courtside OR in a suite OR other.

-- 6.5 turnovers for James Harden.

-- Anthony Davis' unibrow is mentioned.

-- 12.5 assists for Chris Paul.

-- 0.5 technical fouls for DeMarcus Cousins

-- More MVP chants: Kobe OR Steph.

-- Combined score adds up to 310.5 points.

-- The West wins by 7.5 points.

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