Shad Gaspard

Despite being six years removed from WWE, Shad Gaspard proved he can still get a takedown. This time, in real life. The 35-year-old disarmed a potential robber wielding a BB gun in a Florida convenience store and restrained the suspect until authorities arrived, according to TMZ Sports.

The Coral Springs Police Department told TMZ that the suspect "appeared to be drunk," and said to Gaspard, "Hey man, buy me a beer."

When Shad responded, "There's a better way to ask than that," the suspect pulled out a weapon. Gaspard, who was touted as being 6-7 and 285 pounds during his WWE career, responded by pushing him against the cooler and disarming him.

According to Gaspard, he did not realize the weapon was a BB gun until he went to remove the gun's magazine and saw an air canister compartment.

"I thought it was a real gun the entire time and honestly, I just didn't want anyone to get hurt," Gaspard told Pro Wrestling Sheet. "I just kept thinking about how I wanted to make sure I got home to my son."

The suspect was booked for robbery with a weapon, and Gaspard can add another takedown to his record.

Since leaving WWE, Gaspard has become an actor. Among his credits is an appearance in "Get Hard" with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.