HBO's documentary on Andre The Giant featured lots of classic anecdotes. But as you might expect with someone of Andre's stature and legend, plenty of great tales had to be trimmed for the film to fit the time slot.

Here are two that The Big Show shared with us in advance of the Hollywood screening.

Andre The Giant HBO Documentary Poster

Andre and The Ultimate Warrior:

"He's supposed to hit Andre with a clothesline; Andre'd tie himself up in the ropes. Back then, if you got tied up in the ropes, couldn't get free, it was a 10 count. Nobody won or lost. Warrior comes off the ropes 100 miles an hour. Bam! Just knocks the crap out of Andre. Andre ties himself up in the ropes, looks over at Bobby Heenan, goes, 'Hmmm.' That's it.

"Next night, Ultimate Warrior comes off, same spot, 100 miles an hour. Andre -- bam! Knocks him smooth out in the middle of the ring. WWF champion, cross-eyed, knocked out. Andre steps over the top rope, leaves. He doesn't pin the Warrior because Warrior's the champion; Warrior wins by countout.

"Third night, Ultimate Warrior comes off 100 miles an hour. Hits Andre real nice. Andre ties himself up in the ropes. Andre looks over at Bobby Heenan, goes, 'He's learning.'"

Andre and Hacksaw Jim Duggan:

"He'd clocked Andre in the head with his two-by-four. In our business, we have a thing called a receipt. There's physicality but if you stiff me a little bit either stupidly or menacingly, you're going to get a receipt. This happens. We're all aware of it. It happens. I've given a few in my career. So Andre's in the ring. Jim Duggan clocks him in the head. Andre remembered that. And Andre was quiet. He didn't whine or run his mouth like a lot of guys. Andre was one of those silent assassins.

"So Jim Duggan gets in the ring, does his thing. And Andre goes, 'Closer.' So Jim Duggan takes one step closer. And Andre goes, 'Closer.' Jim Duggan gets a little bit closer. Andre goes, 'One step closer.' Jim Duggan takes one step closer -- bam! Andre knocked him out right in the middle of the ring.

"But Andre didn't go get him. He made him to come over to get his ass-whuppin'. That's why he was the boss."