Florida Gators guard Canyon Barry is further proof that father knows best. In his case, dad is NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry, one of the deadliest free-throw shooters of all time, thanks to his signature underhand technique.

Canyon also shoots underhand. At College of Charleston, he shot 73 percent as a freshman, 72 percent as a sophomore and 84 percent as a junior. He then transferred to Florida where he is leading the team this season at 88 percent, and he set a school record by making 42 consecutive free throws.

Through two games of the NCAA tournament, Canyon has gone 9 for 10. He is also the team's second-leading scorer with an average of 11.8. The Gators face Wisconsin in the East Regional semifinal Friday at Madison Square Garden.

But Rick remains flabbergasted that NBA players with abysmal free-throw percentages refuse to consider his style, which physicists have determined to be scientifically superior to the standard technique. We asked him about it before the season. Check out his comments in the video above.