The 1998 season was historic for baseball. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa both broke Roger Maris' 37-year-old single-season home run record, the Yankees won a then-AL record 114 games and the Diamondbacks and Devil Rays began playing as MLB's latest expansion franchises.

But most importantly, this was the first season most American kids picked up Backyard Baseball, which was released in October 1997. And although the first edition did not feature any MLB players, the Backyard Kids -- Pablo Sanchez, Kiesha Phillips, Pete Wheeler and their friends -- have withstood the test of time in name recognition more than many MLB stars of the day.

The 2018 MLB All-Star teams were released Sunday. That's great and all, but roughly 20 years after Humongous Entertainment shocked the world, it is time to select the Backyard Baseball All-Star Team. I am the only voter, but I tried to take an objective approach at this. Old Backyard Baseball cards were used.

1. Pete Wheeler (CF)

Backyard Baseball 1. Pete Wheeler (CF)

The fastest player in the game, Pete Wheeler strikes fear in his opponents with his legs. He hits the ball hard and is the epitome of what you want in a leadoff hitter. Of course, he can also cover ground at any outfield position.

MLB Comparisons: Rickey Henderson, Kenny Lofton, Dee Gordon

2. Jocinda Smith (3B)

Backyard Baseball 2. Jocinda Smith (3B)

A hard-nosed infield, Jocinda hits the ball on a line almost every time she steps to the plate. A leader by example, Smith brings out the best of her teammates. They didn't call her "MVP" for nothing.

MLB Comparisons: Derek Jeter, Dustin Pedroia, Corey Seager

3. Pablo Sanchez (SS)

Backyard Baseball 3. Pablo Sanchez (SS)

The absolute GOAT. Pablo was developed in the Humongous Entertainment lab with all the ingredients for a five-tool player. He crushes home runs, but he usually keeps the ball on a line, even when hitting in power mode. He can run, he can field and if need be, he can pitch. He was only the "Secret Weapon" before you picked up the game. Pablo has long-served as the face of the Backyard Series and millennials kids still hold out hope he'll come to life one day.

MLB Comparisons: Alex Rodriguez, Willie Mays, Mike Trout

4. Kiesha Phillips (RF)

Backyard Baseball 4. Kiesha Phillips (RF)

A pure power hitter, Kiesha bops balls out of even the deepest Backyard Baseball parks. She has a big strike zone, but she can cover it all. Her OBP might not be like the first three hitters -- she pops the ball up sometimes -- but she can easily drive them all in. She's also an undercover speedster.

MLB Comparisons: Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, Aaron Judge

5. Mikey Thomas (C)

Backyard Baseball 5. Mikey Thomas (C)

The classic lefty Little League catcher, Mikey is another pure power hitter. He hits the ball a bit more on a line compared with Kiesha, but together, they make a great righty-lefty power punch.

MLB Comparisons: Mike Piazza, Ivan Rodriguez, Victor Martinez

6. Achmed Khan (LF)

Backyard Baseball 6. Achmed Khan (LF)

Filling out this Murder's Row of power hitters, Achmed Khan always hit the ball hard with distance. His brother, Amir, was a great all-around player, but to be on the All-Star Team, you have to be a star. Achmed always came up with home runs in the clutch. He'd be a huge threat to win a straight Home Run Derby.

MLB Comparisons: Manny Ramirez, Yoenis Cespedes, Nolan Arenado

7. Ernie Steele (1B)

Backyard Baseball 7. Ernie Steele (1B)

Ernie has some pop, but more importantly, his fielding at first base is at the top of the league. He's a huge target with a long reach. Steele Stadium is also needed to be the home of this All-Star Team with that short centerfield porch.

MLB Comparisons: Richie Sexson, Adam Dunn, John Olerud

8. Kenny Kawaguchi (2B)

Backyard Baseball 8. Kenny Kawaguchi (2B)

Kenny was always one of the most dynamic players in the game -- no matter the sport -- and always turned his wheelchair into an advantage. Kenny used his wheels to become one of the best baserunners in the league and was always a strong contact hitter. He's the type of glue guy this team needs.

MLB Comparisons: Craig Biggio, Francisco Lindor, Jose Altuve

9. Angela Delvecchio (P)

Backyard Baseball 9. Angela Delvecchio (P)

Angela is on this team mainly for her starting pitching abilities. Despite being small and wearing a skirt on the field, she'd twist her body into Tim Lincecum-form for some nasty movement. She can put the ball in play too, which is all that's needed from a pitcher being the second leadoff hitter in the nine-spot.

MLB Comparisons: Tim Lincecum, Greg Maddux, Chris Archer

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