Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball was arguably the best computer game of all time. Better than Tetris, Pong, Pinball, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sims -- you name it. You already know this if you're anywhere between 21-25. If you're a loser and never played this game, I'm sorry. Not because you're a loser, but because you really missed out.

I truly hope this brings back some classic memories.

1. Pablo Sanchez is the best video game player of all time.

Pablo Sanchez

2. There were five sets of siblings: The Webbers, Delvecchios, Dobbs, Khans and Kawaguchis.

3. Kiesha Phillips could mash.

Keisha Phillips

4. Pete Wheeler was as dumb as he was fast, and he was ridiculously fast.

Wheeler Speed

5. Achmed Khan rocked Beats by Dre way before anybody else.

Achmed Khan

6. Achmed Khan was so much better than his brother Amir.

Amir Khan

7. Pablo Sanchez, a young kid trying to assimilate in American society, was around kids all day for years and never learned how to speak English well.

8. “We want a pitcher not a belly-itcher!”

9. Annie Frazier played with sandals on.

Annie Frazier

10. Marky Dubois carried around a pet frog, and dabbed before it was cool.

Marky Dab

11. Tony Delvecchio always had a lollipop in his mouth, which really looked like a cig.

Tony Delvecchio

12. When you first unlocked an aluminum bat, it was the best feeling of your early life.

Aluminum Bat

13. Fireball pitch was virtually unhittable and well worth the juice.


14. "We want a batter, not a broken ladder!"

15. Low-key, to show how tired a pitcher was, they used a juice carton as a scale. How ironic.

Juice Carton

16. Mikey Thomas was a poor man's left-handed Kiesha Phillips, who always had a runny nose.

Mikey Thomas

17. Kimmy Eckman had no business swinging the bat.

Kimmy Swing

18. Open. Squared. Closed.

19. Luanne Lui always had her teddy bear with her.

Luanne Lui

20. "My name is Vicki Kawaguchi. My brother's name is Kenny. He's in a wheelchair. Can I go now?"

21. Lisa Crocket had the same nickname as Chris Russo and Mark Madsen.

Lisa Crockett

22. Hitting for the cycle in a game with Pablo Sanchez wasn't a big deal. Neither was hitting two cycles.

23. Ernie Steele had the same haircut as Vince LaSalle from Recess.

Vince Steele

24. Jorge Garcia's bat was way too heavy.

Jorge Swing

25. Ashley & Sidney Webber were both nicknamed "Little Smokey." Smh.

The Webber Twins

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27. It wasn't common for these kids to get Tommy John surgery after throwing the Corkscrew.


28. Dmitri Petrovich’s nickname was "Paste."

Dmitri Petrovic

29. Despite his nickname, Dmitri shouldn't have played baseball and just concentrated on football. Dude was a beast on the line and could kick it a mile.

30. Kimmy Eckman was so freakin' slow.

Kimmy Slow

31. Despite her nickname, Jocinda Smith was not the MVP. ALSO HER FOREHEAD!!!

Jocinda Smith

32. If you did a single game, the computer was so bad at picking. Why were they always picking Billy Jean Blackwood?

33. They all wore a lot of yellow, blue and pink.


34. If you weren't a Melonhead you were probably a Bomber, Wombat or Monster. You were never a Fish or a Hornet, right?


35. The Humongous Melonheads.

36. The Custom Player just looked like a transparent Ricky Johnson...

Custom Player

37. "Pop-A-Wheelie! Pop-A-Wheelie!"

38. The "Crazyball" laugh was so annoying.

39. Sunny Day was a pretty flawless broadcaster.

Sunny Day

40. Vinnie "The Gooch" wore huge glasses, a gold pinky ring and always had a corndog. Nobody ever questioned why his nickname was "The Gooch."

41. Mr. Clanky was pretty creepy, but it was cool the first time you unlocked him to play.

Mr. Clanky

42. Dante Robinson probably ate an unhealthy amount of popcorn. Regardless, his popcorn-catching skills are next level.


43. The "Pick for your team?" No option was pretty rude.

Not about it

44. You always selected POWER.


45. Your parents would never let you play at some of those ballparks in real life.

46. Steele Stadium was pretty beautiful, definitely the best makeshift park of them all.

Steele Stadium Window

47. Sandy Flats was so gross. It was like a shed on an abandoned overcast dried-out beach.

Sandy Flats

48. Playground Commons, bombs away.

Playground Commons

49. Dirt Yards was still an improvement over Sandy Flats.

Dirt Yards

50. If you hit it past the left fielder in Cement Gardens, automatic homer. Loved that a pizza box was used as home plate.

Cement Gardens

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51. Not sure why Tin Can Alley existed. First of all, it was super sketchy. Second, you couldn't really hit home runs.

Tin Can Alley!

52. Hitting a home run over the screen in center at Parks Dept #2 was an amazing feeling. It's also crazy that this parks department had the funding for this huge screen.


53. If you put errors off, you either had no faith in yourself or were annoyed by the fact the other team would have so many ridiculous errors.

54. If you used pitch locator, you absolutely dominated.

Pitch Locator

55. If you ever waited on a "Slowball" or even a "Slomo," it was gone.


57. If you hit a home run, a blimp would fly over and music would play. It was fun at first, but then it got old.


58. It was so great that they would always tell you how far your home run was.

59. If your players scored, they would kind of just line up on the first base line.

Tin Can Alley

60. You never did an intentional walk.

61. Pablo Sanchez would look at you and wave before going up to bat.

Pablo Wave

62. And Pablo Sanchez' shirt did not fit him or he was Ezekiel Elliott before Ezekiel Elliott.

63. Ronny Dobbs wore three contrasting colors for his outfit.

Ronny Dobbs

64. Gretchen Hasselhoff's bio was written by her realistic father.

Gretchen Scouting Report

65. The clubhouse was sick.


66. Marky Dubois would always do a bat flip, even if he missed.

Marky Mark Swing

67. Adding real MLB players to the game was a huge and necessary game-changer.

Bleacher Draft

68. When you picked your team, you literally got to select the best players in the game. That wouldn't happen in any other video game.

69. Consequently, you were stoked you could have a team with Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr. and Pablo Sanchez.

70. "Sweet as candy I tell ya! I like candy, everybody likes candy. That's why it's such a popular holiday!"

71. Pete Wheeler's forehead was MASSIVE.

72. Stephanie Morgan swung like A-Rod.

Stephanie Morgan

73. Maria Luna was actually addicted to pink.

Maria Luna

74. You never did batting practice.

75. Dante Robinson wore a small hat on top of his fro, and it magically stayed on.

Dante Robinson

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76. Elevator pitch was just a brilliant creation.


78. You were pissed you got crazy bunt as a power-up, until you used it ...

Crazy Bunt

79. You came close to pitching a lot of perfect games or no-hitters. Your friend claims he did, but he was playing on easy.

80. Jorge Garcia's glasses were just physically impossible.

Jorge Garcia

81. Out of the other generic kids who weren't draftable, Timmy Unger was up there with the best of 'em.

82. The Webber twins were such spoiled yacht brats.

Yacht Party

83. Jason Kendall looked evil.

Jason Kendall

84. You NEVER drafted Marty Cordova or Alex Gonzalez.

85. Randy Johnson's hook pitches were outrageous.

Randy Johnson

86. Ken Griffey Jr. and Pudge had so much swag with the backwards hat. Mike Piazza, not so much.

Piazza not Pizza

87. You would click so many times on the base path to run faster.


88. “I don’t know what kind of pitch that was, but it tasted just like chicken.”

89. Playing nine-inning games were just so long, but if you wanted to score more than 100 runs that's what you had to do.

90. When you first played in that sweet World Series Stadium, you couldn't believe it.

World Series

91. You were so pissed if you ever struck out.

92. If you were somehow about to lose, you would just restart your computer.

93. "Heeeeerree's ... Kiesha!"

Kiesha Phillips

94. Marky Dubois would've been better off without the bowl cut.

Marky Dubois

95. The opening introduction was classic and featured at least two concussions.


96. Reese Worthington was so damn annoying.

Reese Worthington

97. Kenny Kawaguchi would always spin when he pitched, and it was awesome.

Kenny Kawaguchi

98. You freaked out when you realized that the old backyard baseball games aren’t compatible with the new software.


99. You were appalled when you learned what Backyard Baseball looks like now.

Backyard Sports

100. If you were just killing and your computer froze, you would lose your s***!

Ron Swanson

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