Cleveland Cavaliers

Summer break continues to treat the Cleveland Cavaliers well. The latest act of awesome: An Ohio farm created an incredible corn maze paying tribute to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and to LeBron James in particular.

The maze, created by Mapleside Farms, was featured on the Cavaliers Instagram page, where the team called it "championship-level."

There are three pieces to the maze: A section that reads "Believeland," a section featuring James' face alongside the words "Homegrown Hero," and a third section featuring the Larry O'Brien Trophy, along with the year, 2016.

This is a championship-level corn maze. Thanks for the love, @maplesidefarms! #OneForTheLand #Believeland

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You only wish you did something to deserve a corn maze. This one, meanwhile, is almost as impressive as Cleveland's epic rally for the NBA title.

Enjoy your reign, Cavs fans.

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