LeBron James Odell Beckham

LeBron James is a Cowboys fan, but he knows all about respecting the opposition, which is what he did with Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz. Check out James' salute to the two Giants receivers on Instagram.

This video of Beckham highlights from training camp is particularly encouraging if you're a Giants fan:

Cruz was one of the league's most dynamic slot receivers and helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLVI, but he hasn't played since October 2014 because of a severe knee injury. James recognzied Cruz for working through some setbacks with his knee, writing on Instagram, "Continue to push forward and care nothing about the naysayers. Use it for motivation!!"

The Giants open the season Sept. 11 at Dallas. As he indicated in his post, James hopes that Beckham and Cruz will have good games -- #AsLongAsTheCowboysWin.

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