Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant wrote a well-thought out piece in The Players' Tribune to explain his decision to join the Golden State Warriors, but he was far more direct when explaining why his new Nike shoes will cost significantly more than the $88 they used to sell for.

"As humbly as I can say it, I'm not a $88 player," Durant said, according to "I'm an elite player in the league. I wanted everything to be affordable, but I knew we had to sacrifice some stuff. I just wanted the fans of the brand and of the shoe to just stay patient with me. And stay patient with who I am as a player, and the level I was trying to go to."

To get the KD9 shoe, one has to shell out $150, over a 70 percent increase in price. And if this quote is any indication, Durant is not sorry.

Durant has been one of the NBA offseason's biggest storylines. The shocking decision to ditch Oklahoma City after nine seasons was clearly the biggest story, but hearing the generally soft-spoken Durant be so unapologetic about his soaring sneaker prices was equally out of character.

Keep an eye on Durant as he gears up for the summer games in Rio, as we clearly have no idea what he is going to do next.

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