Alonzo Mourning is a Basketball Hall of Famer, an NBA champion, a two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and a seven-time NBA All-Star.

He's also a viral GIF.

The GIF features Mourning shaking his head in disgust before nodding. Unfortunately, Mourning does not recall this legendary moment. He can analyze the film though.

"I'm not on the social media," Mourning says. "I've seen it, time and time again. It's quite comical. Obviously, based on the score of that game, you can see why I had that look on my face. It lets you know I didn't take losing too well.

"I don't remember it. But I'm sure, unfortunately, I was caught on camera at that particular time, but I'm almost sure that I made the same face at some other points in my career."

No worries, Alonzo. We'll figure it out right now:

Mourning is sitting next to Gary Payton, so we know this has to be during the 2005-06 or 2006-07 season. The game also had to be in Miami.

In 2005-06, the Heat played the Bulls once in Miami during the regular season. The Bulls won that game, 117-93, but they never let 96-66. The two teams played a six-game series that postseason, with the Heat winning in six games and the Bulls never winning on the road.

The answer comes immediately in starting research on the 2006-07 season. The defending champion Heat opened the season at home against the Bulls (also known as the TNT Bulls). Behind 26 points from Kirk Hinrich and 20 more points from Chris Duhon off the bench, Chicago embarrassed Miami, 108-66. Mourning had just one point and two rebounds in 15 minutes. Dwyane Wade led the Heat with 25 points.

If this GIF could actually talk, it probably would have said something like, "It sucks to be losing by 30, but at least I got my ring tonight."

The Heat rebounded to win the Southeast Division with a 44-38 record that year. However, they were swept in the first round by the Bulls. Luol Deng and Ben Gordon each averaged more than 25 points per game for the series

Mourning spoke to ThePostGame on June 20 before appearing on an American Express Teamed Up panel in NYC with the center he backed up on that championship team: Shaquille O'Neal. O'Neal and Mourning went No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in the 1992 NBA Draft. Doris Burke moderated the discussion.

O'Neal mustered just seven points in the 2006-07 season opener. Shaq's poor game contributed to this GIF.

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