Gainesville Police Department

In the early evening last Friday, Bobby White of the Gainesville Police Department (Florida) was dispatched for a noise complaint. A resident felt neighborhood kids were playing basketball too loudly.

White arrived on the scene and recognized the absurdity of complaining about kids playing basketball in daylight on a Friday. Rather than condemn the group, he started balling with them. White even lowered the hoop and dunked. His dash cam got it all on camera.

Officer White was recently dispatched to a call of kids playing basketball "loudly" in the streets. In the evening. Having fun. Not committing crimes. Let's see how he handled it.

Posted by Gainesville Police Department on Thursday, January 21, 2016

As can be heard in the video, White noted he would rather the kids play basketball than get into trouble.

The Gainesville Police Department is earning a reputation for its social media savvy.

The department's Twitter account displayed a friendly rivalry with the Oxford Police Department (Mississippi) when Ole Miss and Florida squared off in September.

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