Who's your daddy's team? Well, chances are that it's your team too.

NPR cites a study that shows fathers have the biggest influence on how we choose our favorite teams. According to the research, 38.7 percent of males and 31.3 percent of females say their rooting interest were shaped by dads.

Mom? Not so much as just 4.3 percent of males and 2.7 percent of females sided with her.

The distant runner-up is a male's brother with 10.7 percent of the vote. The rest is spread among various relatives and friends.

Here is a Red Sox fan dad taking a hard line against the Yankees with his son:

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One couple in Minnesota with split NFL allegiances -- Mom for the Packers, Dad for the Vikings -- is taking a novel approach with its 9-month-old son. Rather than having one parent impose its sporting will, they opted to let the public decide.

But with kids being kids, some are going to back a different team just to stick it to their old man. Remember this exchange from the "The Sopranos"?

Bobby Jr.: "I'm going to Eric's to watch the Chargers."
Bobby Bacala: "What channel is that on?"
Bobby Jr.: "Some people aren't too cheap to buy the satellite package."
Bobby Bacala: "Sit down. This is Giants house."
Bobby Jr.: "I hate the *&%$# Giants!"

Then again "The Sopranos" were hardly role models when it came to functional families.

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