It's football season, which means Kay Adams is everywhere. She hosts Good Morning Football on NFL Network Monday-Friday mornings and DirecTV Fantasy Zone on Sundays. When she is not doing that, she can usually be found making appearances or taking on hosting gigs at NFL-related events. Just before her busy fall began, Adams sat down with ThePostGame during an NFL Media event at the Good Morning Football studio.

ThePostGame: When are you not working during football season?
KAY ADAMS: Oh my God, what else would I be doing? It's football. I love it. When am I not working? I want to say Saturday. But then you're just getting ready for Sunday. If I wasn't working on Sunday, and I work for DirecTV on Sunday, I'd be doing the same thing. I have the best job in the world. I'm getting paid to watch my favorite sport and collect stories about these guys. It's amazing.

TPG: On the fantasy football end, how do you still get excited for another new fantasy football season?
ADAMS: I mean, are you kidding me? Do you see these rookies entering the league this year? Jordy Nelson is now a Raider, Adrian Peterson is a Redskin? It's never the same. It's literally never the same. All this parity, you never know who's going to win, you just look at the NFC. From a fantasy perspective, there's a million things going on at once. Which veterans are going to pan out? When you're a competitive person, that's all you need to drive you.

TPG: Good Morning Football is going into its third year. What have you learned about the fans of the show over the years?
ADAMS: I think I've learned the fans can relate to you when you're being authentic and not afraid to show you're a fan too. I'm a fan of football. I grew up in Chicago. I'm a Bears fan. I worked in New England. I know a lot about the Patriots. I feel like I'm the sympathizer for the Patriots a little on the show. I feel like resonating with fans, what we hear most about on Twitter, is probably when we don't talk about football, when we bring in an injection of pop culture. Kyle makes a story relatable to all of the dads watching. I'm having some sort of relationship analogy to sports. When you combine real things and you also mess up and there are gaffes and it's live TV and when you fall off an apple box in front of thousands of people off and sort of just own it and keep going, that's when you resonate because you become relatable.

TPG: Who is your dream guest on this show?
ADAMS: What a good question. Aaron Rodgers. Aaron's great. I feel like the media doesn't get to see a side of Aaron Rodgers that we'd love to bring out in him. He joined us for the Super Bowl this past year and was just talking about Lord of the Rings and Jeopardy! and those kind of things. He's the perfect guest that we can get a lot out of because we just want to have fun with him instead of peppering him with questions.

TPG: Would you ask him about his new contract?
ADAMS: Maybe not. Maybe that'd be like one question and then we'd delve into something else. I don't know if that's what we'd ask him. I'd have to think about it.

TPG: If you could have any football player on the show, dead or alive, who would it be?
ADAMS: I don't know. Darren Sproles probably. He's not deceased. He's still playing obviously. He's actually insanely still playing, so that's not a good answer. Who else would I want on the show? Walter Payton. Like, crazy. I remember being at the draft the year Mitch Trubisky was taken. Nobody thought he was going to the Bears. I was talking to him and his mom on the red carpet and I said, "Who'd you look up to growing up? What was on your wall?" He's not from Chicago. Not far from Chicago (Trubisky is from Northeast Ohio). He said, "I had a poster of Walter Payton on my wall." I could put that together 20 minutes later when he was taken by the Bears. Now, you're going to the team of the player who you idolized. The player, who on and off the field is probably the best example of what you'd want a football player to be. Walter Payton would be amazing to talk to. I got to meet his son at the Hall of Fame Game. It's huge.

TPG: Did you have a Walter Payton poster?
ADAMS: I did not. I had a Brian Urlacher jersey, which was awesome. Being in Canton to see him be inducted was amazing. The cool thing about this show is I don't have to hide the, "I'm a fan," because everything I say is behind the facts.

TPG: What's the best Bears game you've ever been to?
ADAMS: Oh my gosh, I don't even know. I didn't get to go to that many games.

TPG: Where'd you grow up in Chicago?
ADAMS: I grew up on the Northwest side. I didn't come from a family with the means to go out to games, so TV was sort of the way to go with that. Now, it's a little bit different. I can get access. I didn't have to go to the Hall of Fame Game -- but I had to go and support them (smirks) -- but I didn't have the means growing up. I never went to a Bulls game and I grew up in that era. I still never went to a Bulls game, which is sad.

TPG: Your name is Kay Adams. Was it not Godfather-inspired?
ADAMS: (Laughs) It was absolutely not. I'm Polish. Absolutely not, but I hear it all the time. There's also a British on-air radio personality named that. We get confused all the time, but no Godfather.

TPG: Do people bring it up all the time like I just did?
ADAMS: People say it a lot. Or some people don't put it together, then they watch the movie and they're like (gasp). I probably get like two tweets a day that are like, "Did you know?" or "What was behind this?" but no.

TPG: Have you seen the movie?
ADAMS: I have not. (Facepalm) I have never been to a Bulls game and I've never seen The Godfather. No, I haven't. I'm the worst with movies. These boys are like quoting, things are flying over my head all day long. I'm like, on to the next thing.

TPG: You got to see it.
ADAMS: I got to see it. Bulls game, Bears game, Godfather. What else do you want to put on my homework list?

TPG: Northwestern game.
ADAMS: Northwestern game, never been there. Hung out in Evanston a lot though.

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