Three-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is the new face for the spring 2012 men's line from UGG Australia.

Yes, UGG, as in the company that makes those super comfy boots women love to wear inside and out. Turns out the Australian brand sells men's products too. In fact, UGG (founded in 1978) originally made footwear for male surfers only. It wasn't until later that the company branched out, making both men's and women's products.

But over the years, the UGG brand has become synonymous with "UGGs" -- the classic women's boots.

That's why it has turned to Brady.

The company wants to avoid having its brand become too much of a generic description. That has benefits for certain trademarked brands -- Kleenex for tissues, Xerox for copies -- but not so much for UGG when it has an entire men's line.

Brady's commercial, titled "Steps," is an effort by UGG to show men the comfortable yet manly side of the company. It has an UGG-ed out Brady showcasing his football footwork while walking around in different settings until he finally reaches his locker room.

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It premiered during the Patriots-Dolphins game on Monday Night Football. The immediate reactions on Twitter were mixed, according to UGG Assistant PR Manager Lindsey Di Cola: Some were pleased and impressed, while others took the opportunity to describe Brady using certain unpleasant and derogatory terms.

The line is set to go on sale in January. Then we'll discover if Brady is "man" enough to change the UGG image. Even if he's not, perhaps the sponsorship deal included some nice UGGs for Gisele.

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