Most people don't look to football coaches for style tips ... but maybe they should.

Coach Al Golden has University of Miami fans flashing back to a bygone time when sports enthusiasts actually dressed up to attend games. The Hurricanes have been pretty average on the field, but at least their coach has dressed for success. Golden is one of a handful of coaches in big-time college football who wears a tie on the sidelines.

In a surprising development, the Miami coach's wardrobe style has become the prevailing taste for a number of Hurricanes fans. The Miami Herald reports Golden thinks "it's great" that the fans are imitating his appearance.

Golden, 42, says his style expression comes from a life lesson served up by his mother. "It comes down to my mom," he told the Herald. "In her mind, the game is different. You honor the game. Game day is different than practice. Don't look like you do in practice, and the team will follow suit. Honor the game."

Golden said he listened to his mom, and the results were immediate.

"That was the year we won nine in a row," Golden said. "That was the most wins in a row in the history of Temple. Hopefully, we will continue to wear the same tie. That is more important than wearing a tie, that you wear the same tie."

Winning hasn't been a regular pattern for the Canes this season, however. They have a 4-3 record heading into Thursday night's home game against Virginia. Miami is ranked 61st in total defense and 81st in total offense.

Despite the sweltering weather in South Florida early in the season, Golden tells the Herald he's keeping the tie on during those hot days.

The Canes football coach compared himself to actor Robert Hays' role in the iconic 1980 Hollywood comedy "Airplane!" on a recent sultry afternoon against Kansas State. "I felt like Ted Striker trying to land a jet," he joked. "Other than that, I was good."

For those that have forgotten or never saw Airplane, this is the famous Ted Striker scene...

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Golden broke down the game against Virginia while wearing a regular coach's shirt. He must read

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