DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City wasn't the only loser in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. A number of teams made their best effort at attracting the free agent superstar, but it was the Golden State Warriors to win the services of the former NBA MVP.

Naturally, teams left empty-handed felt spurned. That can apply to players, too, especially when those athletes make a personal pitch to a free agent.

Count DeAndre Jordan among the NBA players left scratching his head after his personal appeal failed to win over Durant. The Los Angeles Clippers center just can't figure out what he did wrong, or what he could have done better.

So at a Team USA basketball practice, Jordan made a bold move: He asked Durant point-blank in front of gathered media.

"How come I couldn't get you to come to the Clippers?" Jordan asks, cracking up Durant.

Unfortunately for D.J. and everyone else, Durant didn't offer an answer. Maybe Jordan can get some better clarification behind closed doors. All we know is this: Instead of a teammate, Durant has joined one of the Clippers' biggest rivals.

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