Mike Krzyzewski

To help celebrate the 10th annual Jimmy V Week for Cancer Research, which runs through December 9, the good folks at Dear World have released a special letter written by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to his friend, the late Jim Valvano.

Coack K reads his letter aloud in this video:

If you found Coach K's words to be inspiring, share your own memories of Valvano, who died of cancer in 1993, using the hashtag #DearJimmyV on social media.

If you'd like to contribute to the foundation, go to JimmyV.org.

Part of the fundraising efforts includes the annual Jimmy V Classic doubleheader Tuesday at Madison Square Garden. Duke faces Florida after Purdue plays Arizona State.

Here is the text of Krzyzewski's letter:

Dear Jimmy,

You and I became brothers during the last four or five months of your life. You knew that you were dying of cancer. You were in Duke Hospital and we spent a few nights every week together.

We had many moments.

The very best moment though was when you said,

"I'm gonna die, but I'm gonna win."

I asked you, "What do you mean?"

And you said, "I want to beat cancer. After I die, when we've finally beat cancer I want to be there."

I was with you when you died. And I never looked at our relationship as having a last moment. I always looked forward to the next moment.

I don’t remember the last thing I said to you, Jimmy.

And the reason I don't is because I thought you would live forever.

Love your friend,