Oregon State freshman basketball player Stephen Thompson was introduced to an 18-time Olympic gold medalist Thursday night.

In the most inopportune way.

The Curtain of Distraction is a creation of the Arizona State student group called the 942 Crew. The rabid Sun Devils fans stand a curtain behind the basket the opposing team is shooting at and unveil individuals in miscellaneous costumes.

On Thursday, that someone was Michael Phelps. On Thompson's first free throw, Phelps came out shirtless with gold medals draped around his neck, a bowtie and a swim cap. On Thompson's second shot, Phelps lost his bottoms, displaying only a speedo.

Thompson bricked both free throws.

"He's like, 'No problem,'" Arizona State associate athletic director Bill Kennedy told Yahoo! Sports. "He couldn't have been nicer. The funny thing is he absolutely loved it. He couldn't have been more excited when the guy missed both shots. I know he had a great time."

Phelps is currently training in Tempe, where his longtime coach, Bob Bowman, recently took over the reigns of Arizona State's swimming program. When the 942 Crew made this connection, they used Kennedy to connect with Phelps.

The former Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year was happy to contribute to his new hometown's cause.

Phelps shared his experience on Instagram:

Let's do this @942crew !!

A photo posted by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on

@942crew we just killed it!!!! #mp #mpswim #asu #curtainofdistraction and he missed both!!

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