During the summer we hear about lots of current and former NBA players making trips abroad. Many times these trips are to promote the sport, a product, or both.

One trip that may have flown under the radar was Derek Anderson's journey to Belize, where he gave motivational speeches and promoted his new book, "Stamina."

Anderson overcame no shortage of hurdles -- including fathering a child at age 14 and mourning the death of his sister by his father's best friend -- to achieve the highest success at both the collegiate and professional levels. He won an NCAA championship with Kentucky in 1996 and 10 years later won an NBA title as a member of the Miami Heat.

Because of his difficult upbringing, Anderson says he can emphasize with the struggles of young people in Belize.

Anderson traveled to Belize as a guest of the United States Embassy. In addition to giving a pair of speeches, he toured the country and got to enjoy its magnificent beauty.

Below is an interview with Anderson from during his time in Belize:

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