Since the NCAA finally relaxed regulations on how and when schools can feed student-athletes, sports programs have had a new world opened up to them. To better fuel athletes to perform their best -- and also to capitalize on a great new recruiting tool -- several schools have build new eating and snack facilities catered specifically to student-athletes.

At the University of Miami, that means a new dining hall for athletes equipped with all the trimmings. As Canes defensive lineman Calvin Hertelou explains, players can get whatever food they want, whenever they want. That goes for omelettes, waffles, junk food, even prime rib.

Certainly, some features of the Canes dining setup is geared more toward pleasure than practicality. Athletes don't necessarily need constant access to hamburgers, or a private dining hall that features a gigantic flat-screen television, or a prime rib cutting professional standing at the ready to chop off a two-inch steak for football players, but they have all of this.

It's a much better setup than the NCAA's old rules, which made no sense in terms of student-athlete care or health. Those rules would have permitted, for example, an unhealthy snack bar or candy bar provided as a between-meals snack, but would have outlawed a peanut butter sandwich as a meal, and therefore an NCAA violation.

Those rules often hurt athletes more than they helped. So yes, this may seem a bit excessive, but it's much better to the alternative. Plus, just look how happy Calvin is sitting in front of that toddler-sized prime rib steak. You can't help but smile.

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