As Kobe Bryant gets up there in years, he's becoming more aware of his body's needs. No longer the same young player who could "eat a Big Mac and score 40," Bryant is using all resources at his disposal to bolster his health, avoid injuries and prolong his Hall of Fame career.

The latest such trick: Drinking bone broth.

As highlighted by ESPN, Bryant has turned bone broth into a staple of his diet. He drinks it almost every day and incorporates it into his pregame routine.

"I've been doing the bone broth for a while now," Bryant told ESPN. "It's great -- energy, inflammation. It's great."

The Lakers' nutrition director, Dr. Cate Shanahan, has been instrumental in getting Bryant to buy in on broth. She points out that the nutritional benefits of a homemade broth offer significant value to anyone -- but particular to aging professional athletes.

Other key Lakers staffers, including head strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco, have also bought in.

"When you make it the right way, you get the minerals and the exact building blocks of what makes up our joint surfaces," DiFranceso said. "He's recognized in the last few years, since sort of pointing him in the direction, of how important that will be.

"It's ultra, ultra important for [Bryant], maybe more so than the other guys, than a 22-year-old who has really pristine joint surfaces and can get away with it and maybe doesn't need it right now."

Bryant's interest in broth isn't a solo act. In Asian cultures, broth has been a diet staple for centuries, and that influence is sparking something of a revolution in America. Earlier this month, The New York Times ran a story on how bone broth popularity has led to the establishment of cafes specializing in various nutritional bone broths.

Those broth consumers are attracted to the same qualities as Bryant: Improved joint health, nutrient-rich supplements, longer and healthier lives.

To Bryant, bone broth is just one of many changes that add up to a big difference in his physical health. But as the rest of the league keeps getting younger, those small changes yield drastic results.

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