March 24, 1980: Louisville beat UCLA to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

The victory was the first in Louisville school history, and it was earned over a UCLA program that had long dominated college basketball under the leadership of its previous coach, John Wooden. But the tournament itself has come to be considered the first modern tournament ever, and thus the birth of March Madness.

1980 was the first year in which several changes were made to increase the competition and excitement of the men's basketball tournament. Seedings were adjusted to make each section of the bracket equal, instead of assigning teams based purely on region, as was the case in the past.

Conferences could also send an unlimited number of at-large teams to the tournament, provided their regular seasons were strong enough.

You can watch the final stretch of that championship game here:

The national championship was the first for Louisville coach Denny Crum, who won again in 1986 and led the Cardinals program to six Final Four appearances in his 30-year head coaching career.

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