When it comes to accessories, LeBron James keeps us guessing. Maybe for health reasons, maybe for superstitious reasons or maybe by total accident, LeBron wears different variations of sweatbands and shooting sleeves.

Twitter user @nbaayy studied LeBron's outfits for the 2014-15 season.

LeBron James Outfits

The graphic analyzes six LeBron outfit permutations. Here are some observations:

-- LeBron has his worst shooting percentage but best free throw shooting percentage when he plays naked (of accessories).

-- His best shooting performances of the field came with no headband and a left shooting sleeve.

-- His three-point shooting is at an apex when he wears a headband and a right shooting sleeve. His free throw shooting numbers are also strong in this outfit.

-- LeBron's overall shooting is more consistent with a headband.

LeBron has worn some of these formations much more often than others, which leads to differences in sample sizes. But he finally has a statistical documentation to make educated decisions on accessories.

Here are Kobe Bryant's numbers:

LeBron and Kobe, do some last-second cramming before the season.

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