Drake loves the Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Raptors love Drake. The romance has been well-documented on the team's sideline, with the Raptors even running Drake-themed nights during the regular season as an homage to their most famous fan.

Now, that relationship is getting a little more defined. According to Chris Creamer at SportsLogos.Net, the Raptors showed their upcoming jersey redesign to him, and one of the four options is affectionately dubbed "Drake."

The Drake jersey will be gold and black, a departure from the team's standard colors.

Creamer doesn't specify whether the "Drake" name was applied to the jerseys by himself or by the team, but it's unlikely he made that association all by himself. The odds seem pretty good that the team will use it in some Drake-related way, although it's unclear when or how that will happen.

One other notable feature of the jerseys: None of them say "TORONTO" on the front. The Raptors have been pushing a "We are North" brand for the last few years, ostensibly to involve the larger Canadian fan base. These new jerseys only further that objective.

And thus, Drake moves one step closer to becoming king of Canada. He started from the bottom, and now he's here.

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