Prince caused a stir during his appearance at the French Open on Monday, and not just because he was with a supermodel or because he's, well, Prince.

No, it was an accessory cradled by the 55-year-old musician as he watched Rafael Nadal dispatch of Dusan Lajovic that got people tweeting. Prince showed up to Roland Garros with a scepter, which is a sort of luxurious cane normally reserved for royalty. As far as we know, it did not serve a practical purpose for Prince.

Here's Prince, holding the scepter and seated next to model Damaris Lewis in the presidential box in the main stadium at Roland Garros:

Lewis, in case you don't recognize the name, has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue:

Unfortunately for Lewis, who is 32 years younger than Prince, it appears that his scepter earned the most reaction on Twitter:

The accessory is truly fit for a king. Or, in this case, a Prince.

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