NBA fans better get used to seeing players wearing sleeved jerseys.

That's because the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the league's marquee franchises and a squad that will be all over national television next season, will be donning the new digs for "several games."

ESPN's Dave McMenamin tweeted the news Tuesday:

For those wondering what Kobe Bryant and Co. will look like, here's an idea:

The sleeved jerseys, first worn by the Golden State Warriors, have been criticized by Steph Curry and Roy Hibbert.

According to reports, five teams will wear short-sleeve jerseys as an alternate jersey for as many as 12 games during the 2013-14 season. Another 20 teams will wear the jerseys at least once. While the entire list of teams set to wear the jerseys has not been released, we know the Suns and now the Lakers are part of that group.

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