No headset can cancel the noise these earphones are creating.

Lil Wayne wore what have to be the world's most expensive headphones to this past weekend's NBA All-Star Game in Orlando. The 29-year-old musician wore a pair of custom Beats by Dr. Dre. You might think that's not a big deal, but it's likely you've never seen diamond-covered $1 million headphones next to you on a plane.

These valuable headphones were first worn by SkyBlue of the electro pop group LMFAO during a guest appearance on Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show.

They feature 114 carats of diamonds and were originally custom built by Dr. Dre and London's Graff Diamonds just for the Super Bowl halftime show.

Wayne didn't seem too concerned about damaging the fashion headwear; at one point he jumped up in celebration with Kevin Durant, almost knocking those headphones off.

We're 32 days away from the Final Four and just 37 days from the Masters.

Where will these blinged out cans end up next?

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