Move over, Tom Brady. Fashion experts say Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is just as stylish if not more. In fact, Wade might be the best-dressed athlete in all of sports. Sports Illustrated, Esquire and GQ are among the national publications that have cited Wade for his superior sense of style, and his spread in the upcoming issue of VMAN Magazine hits newsstands Thursday.

So what's his secret?

"Dwayne Wade has mastered the art of being a brand," says image consultant Amanda Guralski. "His fashion has evolved just like his basketball skills, going from signature hats to tailored suits. His look is classy, clean, professional and he captures the art of using color in ways that many people are reluctant to try."

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Part of Wade's appeal -- like Brady's -- is his appearance off the court. A lot of athletes don't even try at public outings or at press conference. Not DWade. It's hard to catch him on an off-day when it comes to dress.

"Off the court, Dwayne Wade looks like he just stepped out of the pages of GQ," says image expert Sarah Shah, author of Dress Yourself Skinny. "No matter where you see him, he's elegant and crisp, whether he's sporting 'urban chic' for casual everyday or crisply dressed for a formal event. Modern fedoras, dress shirt paired with loose ties or vests, and perfectly cut suits are basics in his wardrobe."

Check out a preview of Wade's latest fashion statements in VMAN here:

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