In Adam Silver's opinion, the current gambling laws aren't stopping fans from betting on sports -- they're only restricting domestic opportunities.

As sports gambling in New Jersey inches closer to a reality, Silver believes now is the time to start accepting the "inevitable" future. The NBA commissioner told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck that he would like to help the government establish regulations that could ensure the industry is managed efficiently.

"Because the industry is not transparent, we can't do as good a job, I believe, as we could if it were all highly regulated," Silver said. "right now there’s a huge offshore online business in sports betting. If you go to Google ... you could spend your night looking at the various sites that ask people to enter their credit cards."

Silver also noted that the English Premier League has been very successful at embracing online gambling companies. Those companies now sponsor the league in many ways, including on team jerseys and on signage inside stadiums.

Silver envisions similar opportunities for the NBA and other sports leagues, and he hopes that future comes sooner rather than later. Right now, the lack of legalized sports betting presents a major missed revenue opportunity for those leagues.

If Silver's influence has any impact on the government, federal laws may soon open the doors to a whole new way of enjoying professional sports.

The full interview with Silver runs 35 minutes and covers a wide range of topics other than gambling. Check it out here:

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