When Drake showed up in Kentucky's locker room Saturday after the Wildcats' Final Four victory against Wisconsin, lots of people questioned whether the rapper was a true fan or just hopping on the bandwagon.

According to Drake, he's got a longstanding relationship with John Calipari, and the rapper even said the Kentucky coach attended his high school graduation.

Regardless of how deep Drake's loyalty to the Wildcats actually runs, his high-profile nature made him an easy target for UConn and the Twitterverse after his team lost to the Huskies on Monday.

The Huskies' official Twitter account got the teasing started early, posting this tweet moments after the Huskies' victory:

The tweet is a parody of a line from Drake's song "We Made It."

A photo of Drake looking dour in the stands at AT&T Stadium prompted many tweeters to add their own interpretation (via BuzzFeed):

And to add insult to injury, the Huskies celebrated their victory to Drake's ubiquitous song "Started From The Bottom."